Design Approach

Your home can be many things. Foremost, it is shelter. It is your interface with nature and with your community. It is an investment, and it can be a source of pride and self-expression. It is the setting for your daily rituals of work, play, nourishment, and rest. As the backdrop for the unfolding chapters of your life, it can be the place to nurture your children and the nest from which to launch them into the world. Your home can be a place for family and friends to gather and celebrate and also a place of refuge and repose. At its best, your home can be a place of comfort and light, of uplift and renewal.

To create the best possible home for you, we learn all we can about your habits, your needs, and your aspirations as they relate to your home. We learn about your site as well, about its characteristics and the opportunities and constraints it presents to the program for your home. Third, we establish a budget. We take all this information and work with it until your home begins to take shape. Through the give and take of your feedback and our refinements, the final design emerges. The goal, at the end, is a home uniquely suited to you and your building site, where all the practical and lofty requirements have been brought together into a harmonious whole.

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